Code of Ordinances

Please Take Note: The Zoning Chapter and the Subdivision/Land Development Chapter of the Code of the Township of Antrim were repealed on November 25, 2014 and replaced by new chapters adopted under Ordinance number 338 as listed below. For zoning and subdivision/land development regulations see Ordinance 338 and any subsequent amendments to Chapters 125 and 150.

Code of the Township of Antrim - This link takes you to "e-code", a searchable listing of all Township Ordinances published by General Code and last updated on 2/15/2008. Revisions to the Code of the Township of Antrim adopted since 2/15/2008 are listed as well by looking at the "New Laws" tab on the e-code site.


  • Ordinance 346 - Amends Chapter 110, section 2 entitled "Connection to public sewers required; private sewage disposal systems".
  • Ordinance 345 - Amends the Antrim Township Zoning Map and amends Chapter 150, section 4 entitled "Definitions", section 58 entitled "Yard and Lot regulations" and section 62 entitled "Customary home occupations and No-impact Home-based business".
  • Ordinance 341 - Amends Chapter 111 of the Code of the Township of Antrim entitled "Pretreatment"
  • Ordinance 340 - Establishes parking prohibitions and designates tow away zones on Township Road #414 (Antrim Commons Drive).
  • Ordinance 338 - An Ordinance repealing Chapter 56 entitled "Buildings, Numbering Of" and Chapter 122 entitled "Streets and Sidewalks"; Creating a new Chapter 124 Entitled "Official Map" and repealing the existing Chapter 125 entitled "Subdivision and Land Development" and Chapter 150 entitled "Zoning" and replacing them with a new Chapter 125 entitled "Subdivision and Land Development" and a new Chapter 150 entitled "Zoning". Adoption of this ordinance effectuated adoption of a new Zoning Map and a new Official Map which may be viewed at the links below:
  • Ordinance 337 - Establishes speed limits for Township Road # 351 (Hykes Road)
  • Ordinance 335 - Establishes a speed limit for Township Road #347 (Filer Road).
  • Ordinance 334 - Establishes fees to be added to unpaid claims for the collection by a private company of unpaid sewer claims.
  • Ordinance 331 - Establishes sewer system disconnection procedures for failure to pay sewer bill in Chapter 110.
  • Ordinance 330 - Adds regulations for use of the Dog Park to Chapter 92, Parks.
  • Ordinance 327 - Adds a maximum allowed gross weight limit to Rabbit Road North.
  • Ordinance 319 - Adds Chapter 60 Roads and Bridges
  • Ordinance 318 - Amends Chapter 24 regarding benefits under the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System.
  • Ordinance 317 - Amends the Antrim Township Uniform Construction Code Chapter, The Sewers Chapter, the Streets and Sidewalks Chapter, the Subdivision and Land Development Chapter, and the Zoning Chapter of the Code of the Township of Antrim.
  • Ordinance 311 - Adds Chapter 111 to the Antrim Township Code of Ordinances. This new chapter sets forth uniform requirements for waste water pretreatment. You may also view the Enforcement Response Plan here.
  • Ordinance 310 - Amends Chapter 126-5(1) pertaining to stormwater exemptions and Chapter 126-16 pertaining to stormwater management during construction.
    ** Please note per Resolution #81; only sections 1 and 3 were adopted under Ordinance 310, sections 2 and 4 were not adopted.