Sewer and Water Specifications

Sanitary Sewer

The standard ATMA plan notes are as follows and shall be listed on all subdivision and land development plans:

Antrim Township Municipal Authority Notes
  1. All sanitary sewer construction shall be performed to the ATMA sewer construction specifications in place at the actual time of construction.
  2. For sanitary sewer mains and laterals located in fill areas, the soil shall be compacted in 8" lifts. The lifts shall be completed for the entire length of main and lateral in the fill area and shall not be left exposed for any extended period of time. The authority reserves the right to require compaction testing if it deems the compaction insufficient.
  3. All non-residential property must install a water meter on all water sources.
  4. All non-residential users must conform to the Antrim Township ordinance regarding "pre-treatment" of sewage discharge.
  5. The ATMA reserves the right to review the EDU calculations for any lot which is for non-residential use and make the necessary adjustments to the number of EDUs assigned for the purpose of determining the correct capacity utilized by the property of the ATMA Wastewater Treatment Facility. This review will be completed every two years after the date of final Board of Supervisors approval of the land development plan, upon commencing operations. The EDU calculation will be based on the additional flows for, the water meter readings taken for the property. The applicant agrees that the EDU calculation shall be based on the flows from the 13th to 24th months following installation of the water meter, for which data is available.
  6. The ATMA sanitary sewer rights of way may be planted in lawn and small shrubs (less than 5 feet tall at maturity) or may be used for normal agricultural purposes. However, shrubs are not allowed within 5 feet on each side of the pipeline. Furthermore, the planting of large shrubbery or trees within the rights of way is prohibited.
  7. Any blasting proposed within 300 feet of ATMA rights of way and facilities must have prior written consent from the authority.
  8. The owner grants the right to ATMA to access the property for the purpose of collecting samples from the waste stream at both of the inspection manhole locations and the right to access and provide maintenance if necessary on any grinder pump installation, as applicable.
  9. The owner shall enter into the required Sewer Service Connection Agreement with ATMA.
  10. The contractor is responsible for keeping as-built records during construction per the ATMA Standard Sewer Specifications regarding coordinate location and elevation. This information must be saved in digital format to be provided to ATMA upon completion of the project. Horizontal location coordinates shall be in the PA State Plane NAD 83 South Zone. Copies of the as-built are to be provided with changes shown in red ink to the engineer for final review and approval prior to submitting to ATMA.
  11. ATMA inspector must be present for the tapping sleeve/collar installation at the tie in location on the existing sewer line.
  12. ATMA inspections and testing will be per the ATMA Sanitary Sewer Construction Specifications.
  13. All materials must conform to ASTM or current ATMA specifications as specified on the drawings.
  14. The contractor must provide all equipment necessary for the proper testing of all new facilities as required by ATMA.
  15. All proposed public sewer/water infrastructure shall be offered, along with deed of dedication and as-built drawing, as referenced in the Antrim Township Municipal Authority Sewer Construction Specifications, for dedication to the Antrim Township Municipal Authority upon completion of construction.
  16. Sewer lines are required to be televised.
  17. No sewer permits shall be obtained and no sewer taps sold until the sewer lines are offered for dedication and accepted by the ATMA.

The following ATMA Facilities agreement shall be executed for all development plans:

Public Water