Subdivision & Land Development

Subdivision & Land Development

Regulation of subdivision and land development in Antrim Township ensures land is suitable for construction, human habitation and will sustain future generations. These regulations ensure that Antrim Township remains a great place to live, work, and grow.

All subdivision and land development plans shall include adequate open space, the control of stormwater runoff, safe traffic patterns that minimize congestion, and integrate pedestrian traffic and recreational space with a minimal interruption of light and air in accordance with the Code of the Township of Antrim.

The Planning and Zoning Department receives, processes, and reviews all documents related to the subdivision or development of land within the Township.

Subdivision plans may consist of creating one or more new lots or the addition of land to an existing lot.

Development of vacant land, redeveloping occupied land, disturbing 5000 square feet or more of earth, or constructing roads and other infrastructure requires submission of land development plans.

Requests for letters of support, DEP Municipal Awareness, Penn DOT Municipal Awareness, Zoning or Land Use verifications, and compliance letters are all processed in the Planning and Zoning Department.

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Plan Review and Approval Process

It is recommended to allow 60-90 days for approval of a simple subdivision or land development plan. A more complicated plan involving NPDES permits from DEP or full sewer planning modules will take longer. Plans of this nature, should allow 12 months for plan approval.

Antrim Township values the growth we are experiencing and will accommodate tight schedules and reduced time frames to the best of our ability. Please relay your goals so that we can expedite processes to our fullest extent possible. Contact the Planning and Zoning Department early in your planning process so we can assist you in a manner unique to your project.

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Sketch Plans

It is highly recommended to meet with the Planning and Zoning Department before starting any new project in Antrim Township. We further recommend submitting a sketch plan that will remain confidential for staff review before making your official submission. Sketch plans expedite the process and minimizes costs.

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Formal Submission

Upon receipt of a formal submission of an application for subdivision or land development plan the review process will begin. Township Planning and Zoning Department will:

  • Forward 8 copies of the plan along with the County fee and County application to the Franklin County Planning Commission (FCPC) for review and comment.
  • Add the plan to the Antrim Township Planning Commission (ATPC) agenda to receive a recommendation.
  • Add the plan to the Antrim Township Municipal Authority (ATMA) agenda to receive a review and approval of public sewer and water design as may be applicable or to be recognized if the property is not being served by public sewer and/or water.

Adding the plan to the agenda does not mean that it will receive action. The plan will be tabled to the next meeting until all comments are addressed.

The developer, property owner or consultant must make application to the following governing bodies when applicable:

  • Franklin County Conservation District (FCCD),
  • PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP),
  • PA Department of Transportation (Penn DOT), and/or
  • Greencastle Area Franklin County Water Authority (GAFCWA).

Antrim Township does not make this submission on your behalf.

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Plan Review

  • All plans and associated documents such as sewer planning, traffic studies, modification requests, agreements, stormwater and erosion and sedimentation reports are processed.
  • Plans and documents are reviewed by Township Staff and forwarded to the Township Engineer for review and comment. Once all comments are received they will be forwarded to the plan consultant.
  • All costs incurred by the Township from Township engineers and/or solicitor for reviews of plans, documents, and/or agreements are the responsibility of the owner or developer. Reimbursement to the Township is required.
  • The consultant shall make changes to the plans showing revision dates for all outside entities listed above and for the Township.
  • These steps will continue until all comments are addressed.
  • Franklin County Planning Commission (FCPC) makes comment and sign the plans. The plans are returned to the Planning and Zoning Department by the County.
  • Once all comments are addressed, the Antrim Township Planning Commission (ATPC) makes their recommendation to the Board of Supervisors. The plans must be returned from the Franklin County Planning Commission before the ATPC can make a recommendation.
  • The Antrim Township Municipal Authority (ATMA) acts on the plan.
  • Approvals from outside entities are received. The consultant is responsible for making sure the Township receives copies of these approvals.
  • All fees and charges that are applicable must be paid.
  • All Documents and Agreement required must be executed and the original received by the Planning and Zoning Department.
  • Financial Security for the ATMA and the BOS shall be in place as applicable.
  • Once all the above has been completed the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors (BOS) may take action on a plan.
  • Extensions to the plans or to sewer planning modules may be necessary throughout this process if they exceed their allotted time frame as mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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After Approval

The Planning and Zoning Department will deliver the plans, agreements and documents to the Register and Recorders office. The owner, developer, or consultant is responsible for providing the check made payable to the Franklin County Recorder to cover the cost of said recording.

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The following links provide plan submission information and forms.

To minimize time and cost use the following links to assist with stormwater design in accordance with the Code of the Township of Antrim, Chapter 126:

Transportation Impact Studies (TIS) are required in conjunction with most land development plan submissions. Antrim Township follows Penn DOT TIS guidelines. The Penn DOT Guide for Transportation Impact Studies may be accessed here:

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Please contact Sylvia House with any questions or comments.

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