Antrim Township Snow Removal Policy

Snow Plow

Mission Statement

To clear roads of ice and/or snow in as an efficient manner as possible with priority given to the health and safety of citizens as well as all Township employees.

Plowing Procedures

  1. Antrim Township will be sectioned into four (4) quadrants with Route 16 dividing the Township into North and South and Route 11 dividing the Township into East and West; each quadrant will be worked on simultaneously.
  2. Developments within each quadrant will be attended to immediately, using small 1-ton trucks. Should plowing be completed in one quadrant, additional trucks will be sent to assist with unfinished quadrants
  3. Road clearing will be undertaken around the clock unless conditions render clearing efforts useless. In such cases, plows will remain on standby for emergency situations.
  4. If because of weather conditions, Township employees involved in road clearing are unable to have access to their personal vehicles, Township plows will be permitted to either clear driveways or to transport personnel.
  5. Should a request for emergency assistance come from County Control or local Emergency Management Personnel, units closest to the situation will leave their area to assist.

Citizen Participation

  1. It is not uncommon for snow plows in the course of clearing roads to push snow in front of driveways. When possible, this will be avoided. Homeowners can help prevent their driveways from being plowed shut by trying to shovel snow along the road in front of driveways a distance equal to the width of their driveway.
  2. During snow emergencies, residents are requested not to park cars in the street so as not to impede the snowplows.
  3. Residents can greatly assist during a snow emergency by clearing snow from around mail boxes and fire hydrants.
  4. Should a Township resident witness a uniquely dangerous situation, we request that it be reported to the Township by calling the Township office or County Control. The Township will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Township Responsibility for Property Damages

  1. The township will not be responsible for plowing of private driveways, providing access to mailboxes, or clearing accumulated snow/ice from sidewalks as the result of the snow removal process.
  2. When a mailbox is physically impacted by a Township vehicle, including a snow plow, it shall be the responsibility of the Township to make repairs or replace the mailbox.
  3. When a mailbox is damaged due to the snow rolling off of the plow blade, the Township will not be responsible for repair/replacement of the mailbox.
  4. Plow operators shall report a damaged mailbox to the Roadmaster when known.

Public Awareness

  1. In the event of adverse weather, Antrim Township Community Park will be closed until normal conditions are met. Gates and access will be restricted.
  2. To ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic, Township efforts for snow removal will be concentrated on public roadways and crucial infrastructure; park roadways are not treated.
  3. The Antrim Township Community Park walking paths will be cleared of snow and ice as allowed by time and resources available.
  4. Per Township policy, Martins Mill Bridge Park and Enoch Brown Park are closed from November 1st until April 1st.

Public Awareness

  1. Snow removal press releases will be published in the newspaper in the months of December, January and February summarizing Antrim Township Snow Policy.
  2. The Township Snow Policy is available for review on the Township's website. Copies of the Township snow policy will be made available upon request and can be picked up at the Antrim Township office or mailed.

Revised: 10/10/23
Approved: 10/10/23