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Regulation of subdivision and land development in Antrim Township ensures land is suitable for construction, human habitation and will sustain future generations.

The Planning and Zoning Department reviews all documents related to development and subdivision of lands within the Township. Anyone developing vacant land, redeveloping occupied land, moving more than 750 cu. yds. of earth, or constructing roads and other infrastructure must first submit land development plans to the Antrim Township Planning and Zoning Department. All DEP Municipal Notification Letters, Municipal Notification Questionnaires, all requests for attendance at Penn DOT scoping meetings, and all requests for letters verifying compliance with Antrim Township Regulations shall be directed to the attention of:
Antrim Township Planning & Zoning Department
P.O. Box 130
Greencastle, PA 17225
Anyone subdividing any parcel of land in Antrim Township must first submit subdivision plans to the Antrim Township Planning and Zoning Department.
All plans shall include adequate open space, safe traffic patterns that minimize congestion and integrate pedestrian traffic, and recreational space with a minimal interruption of light and air. Subdivision and land development plans shall, at a minimum, address sedimentation, storm water management, utilities, infrastructure, proper distribution of population and conformance with Chapter 150, Zoning, in order to create conditions favorable to the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the residents of Antrim Township.

To contact the Planning and Zoning Department directly dial (717)597-3818 then dial extension 3.

Submission Procedures

Determine the type of subdivision or land development plan application to be submitted. Review the appropriate link below for submission procedures.

Land Development / Subdivision Plan Submission Requirements

Sewage Facilities Planning Requirements

Fee Schedule

Antrim Township Subdivision/Land Development Application

All plans will be reviewed by the Township Engineer and other consultants as appropriate. All plans once approved will be recorded and electronically scanned with all signatures, conditions etc. The developer or land owner will be required to reimburse the Township for costs incurred.

The links below will assist surveyors and engineers with storm water design in accordance with the Code of the Township of Antrim, Chapter 126:

Administrative Stormwater Checklist

Technical Stormwater Checklist

Dewberry Stormwater Review Power Point Presentation

Transportation Impact Studies (TIS) are required in conjunction with most land development plan submissions. Antrim Township follows Penn DOT TIS guidelines. The Penn DOT Guide for Transportation Impact Studies may be accessed here:

Policies and Procedures for Transportation Impact Studies

A list of subdivision and land development plans currently under review may be seen at the link below:

Plans Under Review

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