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Whispering Falls Disc Golf Course, established in August of 2007, is open during normal park hours. The 717 Flying Disc Club has been instrumental in developing the course. Disc Golf is an active recreational activity accessible to people of varied ages and abilities. Similar to traditional golf, the course is laid out with 18 holes each hole consisting of a launch area, a fairway and a basket. Players throw "Frisbees" or discs instead of hitting golf balls.

You may view and print a course map and scorecard here:

Whispering Falls Disc Golf Course Map

Whispering Falls Disc Golf Scorecard

Hole 1 Tee Opening Day Clinic

A few of the Holes: Red indicates the A pin position and Blue is the B pin position.

Hole1 Hole 3

Hole 5 Drive Hole 5 Bail Out Zone

For more information about Events at Whispering Falls please visit the following link:

Follow this link to the Professional Disc Golf Association for more information about this sport.

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