Antrim Township faq’s

Question: "I am building a new home in Antrim Township. How do I obtain an address?"

Answer:Addresses are typically assigned at the time of application for a Land Use Permit. If you need an address assigned prior to applying for the permit please call the Township Office at 597-3818 and provide your subdivision name, street and lot number or your tax parcel number in order to have an address assigned to your property location.

Question: "What steps should I take to obtain sewer service?"

Answer: The Antrim Township Wastewater Treatment Plant underwent an upgrade in 1998 in order to provide sewer service to our community. All questions should be directed to the Antrim Township Offices by calling 597-3818.

If you are considering building on lands that would require an on-lot sewer, you should first contact the Township's Sewage Enforcement Officer and have the required testing performed. Contact our offices for further information and fees.

Question: "How are properties assessed?"

Answer: All property assessments are handled by the Franklin County Assessment Office.
Any questions should be directed to the Assessment Office by calling 261-3801.

Smoke Detectors must be installed and maintained in all occupied residential dwelling units.

House Numbers (three inches in height) are required to be installed where they can be readily seen and read from the street or highway where access is gained by an emergency vehicle and personnel.

The Rescue Hose Co. #1, Inc. will mount house numbers on mail boxes or at appropriate locations for homes and businesses in the Township. These are white reflective numbers over a fluorescent green background that is easily visible for responding emergency services. Rescue Hose Co. charges what it costs them to produce these numbers, which is approximately $15.00.

Question: Do I need a building permit?

Answer: Any structure over 100 square feet is required to have a Land Use Permit. All additions to existing structures (porches, garages, enclosure of a patios, etc.) are required to have a Land Use Permit no matter what the size. The definition of structure is "any man-made object having an ascertainable stationary location on or in land or water, whether or not affixed to the land." This also includes temporary structures and buildings not on permanent foundations. All signs are required to have a permit to place them on a property.

Antrim Township has 15 days to review a Land Use Permit, and you must have your permit posted on your property prior to any construction. Please be sure to judge your time accordingly.

Please read prior to applying for a Land Use Permit:
"Guide to Building in Antrim Township"

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