ABOUT ANTRIM :: Emergency Services

Police Services - handled by the Pennsylvania State Police by calling 264-5161 for non-emergency services; Call 911 for all emergencies.

Fire and Emergency Medical Services - handled by the Rescue Hose Company No.1, Inc. by calling 597-8489 for non-emergency services; Call 911 for all emergencies.

Antrim Township does NOT have a fire tax. Our volunteer company relies on donations and various fund raisers for financial support.

Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) Services are provided by Medic 2 by calling 762-1283. These services are provided to Southwestern Franklin County, responding from the Rescue Hose Company Fire Station at 842 South Washington Street in Antrim Township. Definitive treatment for life threatening emergencies, including IVs, drugs, airway management and heart defibrillation is only 2-3 minutes away for residents of Greencastle and within 10-15 minutes of points west.

Emergency Medical Treatment is provided by the paramedic from Medic 2 and emergency medical technicians from Rescue Hose Company. The paramedic then rides with the patient and emergency medical technician on the ambulance to the hospital.

Emergency Planning: For major emergency and disaster planning information visit http://www.fema.gov .

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