ABOUT ANTRIM :: Welcome To Antrim Township

The Municipality of Antrim Township is located in Franklin County, South-Central Pennsylvania with its southern border being a part of the Mason-Dixon Line. The 69.5 square mile area has a population of approximately 14,800 citizens. There are just over 109 miles of Township roads and 80.29 miles of State highways.

Antrim’s principle industry is agriculture. Other industries include Grove-Manitowoc Hydraulic Crane Manufacturing, World Kitchens, Jerr-Dan Roll-Back Truck Manufacturing, Food Lion Distribution Center, Strait Manufacturing, L & S Stone, Beck Manufacturing, Franklin County Regional Intermodal Facility and many smaller manufacturing firms. Antrim is also home to many thriving retail and service based businesses.

Antrim Township’s government's original responsibilities included construction and maintenance of rural roads and small bridges. Today, five elected Supervisors and appointed staff oversee transportation, public sewer, public water, zoning, planning, emergency management, and three public parks.

In the mid 1970's a public sewer system was needed to reduce environmental stresses in portions of the township. The first area to receive public sewer service was the community of Shady Grove. Since the first phase of the sewer system, sewer lines have been extended and pumping stations have been added. The wastewater treatment plant was constructed and has since been upgraded. It is capable of treating up to two million gallons per day. The Antrim Township Municipal Authority (ATMA) was created to oversee the Sanitary Sewage Collection and Treatment System that currently serves approximately 3600 residences and businesses.

Interstate 81 running North to South bisecting Antrim Township and its close proximity to Interstate 70 has sparked tremendous growth during the last decade. It became apparent that road infrastructure to commercial sites and public water would be needed to serve this growth. Lincoln Utilities, a private water company located in the southern part of the township, with a capacity of producing 80000 gallons of water a day was purchased by Antrim Township in 2003 and placed under the oversight of the Township Municipal Authority. A commercial area was developed paralleling I-81 with access to the interstate and a water tower was constructed and dedicated to the Franklin County Greencastle Area Water Authority which serves this area of the Township.

Currently the Township has a staff of about 20 full time and part time employees who are responsible for administration and maintenance of the roads, parks, sewer system, water system planning, zoning, and emergency management. The road department consists of the Road Master, Road Foreman and 4 regular road maintenance crewmen, who are responsible for road construction and maintenance, snow removal, mowing, road signage, and routine maintenance of the Township's three parks.

The Utility Department's Public Works Director and four employees are responsible for maintaining the sewer and water systems, the wastewater treatment plant and the water treatment plant. The Sewer System consists of 77 miles of lines and 24 pumping stations, and the Water System consists of two miles of lines and a treatment plant.

The administrative staff of the Township includes a Township Administrator, Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer, Assistant Zoning Officer/Public Works Inspector, the Township Secretary/Treasurer, administrative secretary, and a billing clerk. These people handle the 'business' portion of the Township and the day to day operations that serve a vital role for the citizens and visitors of Antrim Township.

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