Personnel :: Township Authorities & Boards

Township Staff


Brad Graham (hire date: 2/9/09)

- Administrator

Jennifer Becknell (4/23/12)

- Township Secretary, Treasurer


- Secretary, Billing Clerk

Joyce Nowell (10/18/99) - Administrative Clerk, Receptionist, Recording Secretary for Planning Commission and Municipal Authority

Planning and Zoning Department

Sylvia House (4/5/04) - Zoning Officer/Code Enforcement Officer
Lynda Beckwith (1/16/06) - Assistant Zoning Officer/Public Works Inspector

Roads and Parks Department Personnel

Rodney Eberly (6/14/16)

- Road Master/Parks Director
Road Crew - David Zeger (6/29/92), B. Scott Ingream, Road Foreman (5/1/00), Tom Moore (6/20/13) Tom Wallburn, and Mike Knight (1/4/16)

Utility Department Personnel

Roger Nowell (12/19/05)

Public Works Director
VacantSewer and Water Plant Operator, Pre-Treatment Coordinator, Landfill Inspector
Doug McCulloh (4/13/00)

- Utilities TechnicianII, Utilities Foreman

Tom Green Sr. (10/22/07)

- Utilities Technician I

Jay Mongan (4/26/12) - Utilities Technician I

Jonathan Piper

- Sewage Enforcement Officer (717) 328-5769/ On Lot Disposal System program administration

William Needy, Dianne Smith and Franklin Klink

Township Auditors

Emergency Services non-emergency numbers
Police Services - Pennsylvania State Police - Chambersburg (717) 264-5161
Fire, Rescue and Emergency - Rescue Hose Co. No. 1 (717) 597-8489
Medical Services

- Medic 203 (717) 762-1283

Board of Supervisors - Elected

Chairman; Richard Baer, Vice-Chairman; Chad Murray, John Alleman, Pat Heraty, and Fred Young III

Planning Commission - Appointed

Joel Wenger, Chairman;
Richard Walck, Vice-Chairman;
Delbert Myers, Secretary, Larry Eberly, and Bob Smith

Municipal Authority - Appointed

Rodney Eberly, Chairman

Chad Murray, Vice Chairman

Dale Hostetter

Michael Smith

Rodney Rose

Zoning Hearing Board

Ronald Cordell, Gary Eberly
Rodney Zeger, Rhetta Martin
and Tyler Jones

First Alternate: Mathew Schmidt

Second Alternate: Brian Hall

Park Committee - Appointed

Thom Moore, Chairman, Nate Bacon, Vice Chairman, Georgia Barvinchack, Andrew Barbuzanes, Jason Reiber, Jonathon Ott and Eric Plum

Landfill Citizens Advisory Committee - Appointed

John Wardzinski (Mountain View Reclamation Operations Manager), Rick Baer (Antrim Township Supervisor), Jamie Reynolds (Antrim Resident), Dan Hockman (Antrim Resident), Roger Nowell (Antrim Resident), Mike Hicks (Montgomery Township Resident), Ronald Funk (Montgomery Township Resident), and Michael Rife (Montgomery Township Supervisor)

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