Parks and Recreation :: Park Facilities Grant Program Announced


2017 Park Grant Application period is closed.

The Township will accepted applications for the 2017 Grant Program through 4:30 p.m., March 17, 2017.

The Antrim Township Park Committee will review the applications and make recommendations to the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors. Funding will be available in April 2017 for those organizations that qualify and are chosen for a grant, with funds to be utilized and receipts verifying approved expenditures returned to Antrim Township for audit by November 3, 2017.




Antrim Township through its appointed Park Committee has set aside funding for the expansion and development of Park Facilities within the Community. Any formally organized entity that currently has facilities within the Community and makes or agrees to make those facilities available to the general public is eligible to apply for funding. The Antrim Park Committee will review all applications and make recommendations. The Township Board of Supervisors will make the final decisions on all applications.


1. Grantees shall make Park Facilities available to the general public.

2. Grantees must, when possible, agree to adhere to provisions of the

Americans with Disabilities Act.

3. Grantees shall submit an annual report with supporting documentation via paid invoices of how monies were used by a determined date in Novemberof the year in which grants are awarded.

4. Grantees shall not discriminate in terms of club membership, employment or awarding of contracts based on race, color, religion, sex,national origin, age, marital or veteran status, the presence of a non-job-related medical condition or handicap, or any other legally protected status. Grantees must certify that all volunteers comply with any and all Pennsylvania laws

concerning volunteers being required to have background checks to have contact with children. Specifically complying with background check requirements as

set forth in Pa.C.S. 6344.2.

5. Grantees shall provide proof of Liability Insurance.

6. Grantees agree to hold the township harmless for any injuries which occur on

facilities purchased by grant monies.

7. Applicants may be asked to provide additional information as the

committee warrants.

8. Committee may request an on-site meeting with applicants.

9. Any grantees requesting money shall use that money for a public park,

playground, playfield, gymnasium, swimming pool and/or recreation center or recreational program.

10. Monies may be spent on land and/or facilities acquisition and/or

development; program administration; and purchase of park


11. Grant monies will be dispersed in May of the present calendar

year following approval of grantee’s application

12. Should grant monies exceed the actual project costs as outlined on the Cost

Estimate section of the Grant Application, excess monies shall be returned to

the Township by November (specific date on application) of the year in which

grants are awarded.

13. Any grantee in violation of these guidelines is subject to

forfeiture of the grant monies.

14. The Antrim Township Board of Supervisors reserves the right to not grant

money to an organization even if said organization meets all the criteria for





A. Name of Organization:




B. Location of Facilities:

C. Mailing Address

of Organization:

D. Contact Person: ________________________


Telephone Number:

E. Treasurer’s Name:

Telephone Number:

Mailing Address:

F. Description of Existing Facilities (Provide as much detail as possible, using a separate sheet of paper, if necessary)

G. Hours of Operation


H. Provide a Specific Overview of Project for which monies will be used in keeping with Program Guidelines.

(Please provide a Sketch Plan if appropriate.)

I. Funding Requests In Keeping with Program Guidelines:

Item Estimated Itemized Cost In Order of Priority

J. The undersigned acknowledges that he/she is an authorized agent of the applicant and that the applicant agrees to all of the provisions outlined in the Grant application and agrees to hold Antrim Township harmless for any injuries which occur on equipment or facilities purchased by grant funds.

K. The undersigned on behalf of applicant herby certifies that applicant

requires all volunteers to comply with any and all Pennsylvania laws

concerning volunteers being required to have background checks to have

contact with children. Specifically, we comply with the background

check requirements for all volunteers having contact with

children as set forth in 23 Pa.C.S. 6344.2.

(Name - Please print)_________________________________

(Signature) ________________________________________

____ Date __________________________________________Position

Liability Insurance Carrier:

Policy # __________________ Expiration Date: _______________

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