Public Works :: Water - Sewer - Roads

Public Works in Antrim Township is divided into two departments, the Roads Department and the Utilities Department.

The Road Department is responsible for maintenance and construction of over 109 miles of township roads, maintenance of the three township parks, and maintenance of various other township properties.

The Utilities Department oversees the township’s sanitary sewage collection and treatment system which serves over 3600 residents and the public water system which serves approximately 350 residential and commercial water customers.

If you wish to report an Antrim Township road problem please use the following link: Potholes and other road issues

To report road way, sewer service, or water service problems during normal business hours please contact the Township office directly at


For urgent but non-emergency after hours (4:30PM to 7:00AM Weekdays and All Weekends) reports please use the following contact information:

Adverse Weather Conditions: 1-717-264-2813, County Control

Highway Debris removal: 1-717-264-2813, County Control

Water Department Issues: 1-717-264-2813, County Control

Roger Nowell, Water Department Supervisor

Sewer Line Issues and the Waste Water Treatment Plant: 1-717-264-2813, County Control

Roger Nowell, Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator

Road Department:

Utilities Department:

Sewage Enforcement for on lot systems:

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